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Dear Sir, how to avoid hiranya operation and removing gallblader because of it grows 6mm exessly for my friend.What problem he should face if he go through this operation?

--By sumathi

If he goes for gall bladder removal the post operative complication both recent, immediate and remote and long term are: Indigestion, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, jaundice, failure of liver function, bloating of abdomen with pain in the loin and in the hip joints and down the leg.

And with the correction of hernia through operation shall lead to urinary tract weakness and chronic infection leading to kidney failure; muscular weakness and pain in both the legs leading to myopathy. There is all likelihood of developing bloated abdomen and constipation with further hernia formation on the opposite side and on the same side of operation too.

Then the drugs that you should take after the operation such as the antibiotics, anti inflammatory drugs, analgesics and anti rejection medicines like anti histamine drugs and cortisone medications play havoc with your health system destroying you totally.

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I have 7.5 months old baby girl. She couldn't sleep in the night. She sleeps in the morn from 5 to 9 am and one nap in the afternoon. However hard I try to put her to sleep in the night, it's not working out. She is not getting sleep at all in the night. And For the past 3 days, she has a terrible cold and simply throwing up everything she eats. What shud I do when the baby is suffering from cold? She is a completely breastfeed baby for the first 6 months. After that started taking ragi and rice cereals and mashed banana and apple. Pls help me out sir. --By Priya

No fruits of any sort when you catch cold or cough; and reduce the milk feeding to half and give water instead as and when the child needs milk. Just one or two days the child should be fine by God's grace.