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Dear Sir, how to avoid hiranya operation and removing gallblader because of it grows 6mm exessly for my friend.What problem he should face if he go through this operation?

--By sumathi

If he goes for gall bladder removal the post operative complication both recent, immediate and remote and long term are: Indigestion, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, jaundice, failure of liver function, bloating of abdomen with pain in the loin and in the hip joints and down the leg.

And with the correction of hernia through operation shall lead to urinary tract weakness and chronic infection leading to kidney failure; muscular weakness and pain in both the legs leading to myopathy. There is all likelihood of developing bloated abdomen and constipation with further hernia formation on the opposite side and on the same side of operation too.

Then the drugs that you should take after the operation such as the antibiotics, anti inflammatory drugs, analgesics and anti rejection medicines like anti histamine drugs and cortisone medications play havoc with your health system destroying you totally.

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Sir, my husband's sperm count is only 10 million per ml ( according to doctors the minimum should be 60 million per ml). The sperm motility rate and normal forms is also low. His blood test, hormone test and scan report is normal. So we don't know the exact reason for this problem. We are married for two years and trying for a baby since then but did not succeed. We are not taking any English medicines since we have read and understood everything in your book. Can we cure this through Accupunture or some other treatment? Kindly please help us Sir.. --By Shamili

Stay away from the doctors and free your mind from them for there is God's word in your hearts that you shall have beautiful children and noteworthy descendants. It is just two years since your marriage. And one important thing you have to keep in your mind is that You Need Only One Sperm and not 60 million! You will conceive if you believe only in the word of God and stay away from all Satanic Science, especially the modern medicine.