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Dear Sir, I wanted to do something unique always. Never liked to follow rules. But I was always afraid and worried and didn't know what I want in life . All my Master Degrees couldn't help me in clarity. In one of your speeches you have mentioned ' if we have to revive the agreement we made with God we have to do' nombu' for 3 days',how to go about nombu? I have recovered from my chronic fever which I suffered for the past 3 years. Now I see clearly all the miseries and worries were due to me going against the goodness of my heart. Iam mostly surrounded by goodness and peace of mind . But suddenly I become angry and end up shouting at others . I also get sick with burning sensation all over my body and feeling very heat. I don't want such moments. I want total surrender and belief. Will keeping' nombu ' help me to get away from this situations and revive into the path of God. I also have another question that bothers me.Is' Quran 'the only book that shows the way to God, or since God has made us all unique so will be our ways of realizing God will also differ? --By A. S. Kavitha


You will feel better about your temperament from now on by Allah's grace. I will teach you what fasting(nonbu) is when you visit me in person. contact details +91 98404 98898.

With regard to the second question:
I am speaking to you of Quran: If there is any other religious scholar who can answer to everyone's queries of practical nature that gives comfort to your mind and physical life, then you leave me and follow that vedic principle - I will also follow you. If not, know for sure there is only one vedic scripture in the universe, The Quran.

sir, what is brain death?, thank you-parthiban --By parthiban


This means the doctors are going to kill a person alive with your permission.

Dear sir I am 27 years old I take all the test everything tell I have no problem in pregnency.i am working as professor in college and I have to travel morning 1 1/2 hours and evening 1 1/2 hours to reach. Nowadays my weight increased and I got swollen belly also . It almost 1 1/2 years completed but still I couldn't able to be pregnent. My husband he didn't take test but he is healthy he used to work in computer for long hours. I cant able find a solution to getting pregnent. Kindly guide me --By swathi


The period is with your God; the Creator decides on the time of deliverance of a child to you; never enter His domain and be in a haste; God decides this is not the time for you to bear a child of His choice, which will be truly a blessing from Him to you as a bestow. Forget about your knowledge and look up to His Wisdom; His word is already in your soulful heart that you need a child of dignity; unless you are kept out of care-taking your child, it will not be under His pure care all its life and be reared up as a soul of wisdom and stand as a model before the contemporary entire human population.

Dear Thoodhar, Kindly light on the aayath 55:19.(Iru kadalkal). May Allah blesses all. - Srinivasan Hosur --By SRINIVASAN


55.19  "It is He who made the two seas meet."

One is the sea of knowledge from men; and the other is the sea of Wisdom of Allah.

When all your knowledge fail you, you turn to Allah for you to be delivered out through His Wisdom. This is the meeting point of the "Two Seas".
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Islam means Peace. But whether it is Peace to the Soul after death or whether it is Peace on this earthly life itself by removing worries, by removing violence making man's life easy and smooth, or whether it is for persons who thinks that Peace is for Women and Weak or whether Peace is with Almighty only which can be given only by him and not by any man/woman on this earth?. --By RAGHUNANDANA.R

Peace is for the mankind; not man or woman but for the soul of both of them; man destroys peace - God alone can bring back the peace you have lost with the mankind.