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Sir, Do you agree with Dr.Béchamp's theory that micro-organisms (germs) feed upon the poisonous material they find in the sick body prepare it for excretion and are not the cause of, but the result of disease? --By A.Manimaran


The sickness is caused due to the poisoning of the bodily system and their organs by the killer allopathic drugs; its antibiotic drugs is a poison to human tissues and organs; and its anti allergic drugs kills the human immune system. This results in evil and spoilt energy emanating from the poisoned tissues which is the breeding ground for the killer micro organisms to be created. Therefore the micro organisms are created from the poisoned tissues and the organs of the human body due to the killer medicines and they are not from anywhere outside of the body. 

Dr.Béchamp's theory is wrong.


I underwent bypass surgery for heart veins. Can we stop taking medicines by fool proof cure. I am taking medicine for cholesterol, Bood thinning and Hyper tension --By S.K.Ramasaamy


First understand and be 100% sure that cholesterol drugs do not cure or prevent future heart blocks; blood thinner is very very dangerous that it shall cause brain haemorrhages and cause paralysis or instant death any moment from now; and anti hypertension medicines are not going to cure or control the BP from rising higher and higher up. The allopathic medical department is absolute failure in these regards and this is the reason the surgery flourishes. It is only a matter of time before people wakeup to this truth and deserts allopathy. So what next? Believe in God and take refuge in Him if you have faith. 

You are a gift to mankind in my view. Thanks for your relentless efforts for the benefit of humans. If the theory of germs causing disease is wrong, how can we explain Florence nightingale's experience of hygiene and antiseptic regime cured thousands of soldiers in Crimean war. She herself said she had not "treated anyone with medicine but with cleanliness". She too was supposed to be against Louis Pasteur's germ theory. But She taught hygiene and removed filth from the environment. In other words she removed potential disease causing germs. Isn't that indirectly supporting germ theory? --By A.Manimaran


Today the antibiotics have absolutely failed in all sorts of infections proving the antibiotic and germ theory to be wrong; tonsillitis, appendicitis, pimples, boils, toothache, otitis and so on from head to toe germ and antibiotic theory of allopathy has been reduced to dustbin. All these patients are from medical treatment subjected to surgery for the medical treatment has failed miserably.

Florence never believed in antibiotic theory and killing germs; she believed in purity. It is part of 'healing through prayer'. Always pray for purity. God loves those who are pure and clean in their hearts. Because of this 'Prayerfulness' the patients got cured; not otherwise.  

Dear sir Very nice to hear your works on accupunture. I like to learn this through right one like you sir. Can you tell me the course fees and admission details. There are many people teaching your methods in many places. You are the master for all so I like yo learn from legends. So kindly help me sir. Thank you --By selvamani


I have been since 1999 practising 'healing through prayer' and teach how to pray to God so that you gain from God direct. All the other systems of medicine are below par. So I left acupuncture practice and training students since 1999. I have said this to thousands and thousands of all my students to switch over to believe in God alone and disbelieve in human invented all medical knowledge including acupuncture. But they are afraid to take this up, suspecting if they, as a common man, can have God's grace like me. But here is the God's words:

Never shall the people have in their minds that they do not have the standards to receive God's grace and mercy. 
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Dear dr, I read your article and one of my friend suggested your name. I am 29 years old. I am suffering from severe back ache for the past one and half year and i am a diabetes patient for the past one and half year. The MRI Reports points that there is disc proplase at l5 - s1 region. Rather than pain in back region i have severe pain in my left foot and particularly in feet region. i COULD NOT STAND due to this . Pls let me know can it b cured dr. --By B.RAVIKUMAR

God willing, you will find relief from today; and it is sufficient for you to believe in God for all of our good. God is All Knowing, All Encompassing. When the relief happens you shall know you must throw away the allopathy and its diagnosis to the wind.