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How to clean stomach naturally --By ABU


Take good, fresh and pure food to a great extent possible.

what is the difference between acu puncture and acu pressure. which do you advise for treatment --By V.C.Devadoss


Both are the same; if you use needle it is acupuncture; and if you use your finger, it is acupressure. It is not the acupuncture or the acupressure that is working but your belief in your heart of hearts wherein is your God's blessed words are being spoken to from your soul: Get Well!
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Thanking Almighty God.Dear Doctor, Praising and Praying God using his attributes gives any specific blessings according to his attributes which we use in our prayer.Do specific life force for specific need ? Help us to understand Doctor. --By BANU PRAKASH DEVARAJ.S

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