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Dear Dr, I'm following your advice and I'm sharing with everyone what you have preached. But many didn't have faith in it. They are asking me if any Snake bites or any accident occurs, what is the soluion in your Iraivazhi Maruthuvam? I don't know to give answer to such type of Quesions. My relatives are saying you can't neglect Allopathy. Is it True Dr? Need your Guidance. --By Mohamed Iqbal


You have to ask them this question: whether you want accidents to happen all through your lives or not? Whether you wish to be bitten by poisonous snakes or not? If they say yes, it is their fate. If their answer is no, then only God is there as a Helper and as a Protector for them, wherever they may happen to be; and they are guided to the path of God. Only to admonish is anyone's duty; and there is no force in righteousness.
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Sir I am 30 yrs old,mother of 4yrs girl.I got acute pain at my back and my father in law forced me to an ortho doctor and discovered problem on L5& God's grace am not taking any medicines.I believed in ur speeches and believe I am waiting hopefully to get well soon.6months passed,only now I can sit and work for 15minutes.I show my thanks to God.but suddenly nowadays I can feel a burning sensation and swelling on my am to ask you sir that am I rectifying or is it getting worse. --By gaffur gowsiya

This sudden shift and shuffle you experience while improving from your ailments is the hastiness you rush into your heart and soul with regard to your health; seek patience while you improve; and do not show any hastiness for that amounts to down fall. Your Prayer: O The Oft-Forgiving, The Most Patient.