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Dear Sir.. I got sevior constipation issue for last 4 years plus, I have to use siddha powder daily. I got this issue after my spine operation for disc compression. Is it possible to cure my constipation issue through acupuncture treatment. Thanks in advance. Rgds Somasundaram --By Somasundaram


I do not do acupuncture for 20 years; I am only supporting the cure, God has been Bestowing upon the patients even before they come to me, and I teach them at the same time as to how to take the Help and Protection of God Almighty in their lives.

I am not the healer but He. I am guiding them in God's path for the better life.

All praise be to almighty that i got a chance to read some of your books dr. What is eczema dr?? My son 2 ,3/12 yaers has got on his legs. --By Shafraz


Do you want the reason for the skin problem, or do you want the disease to go away by God's Mercy? Do not remember the medical nonsense, but remember God who is speaking to your heart through inspiration as, "May your child get well by My Grace." Answer by way of the same feel, "Yes, my God; forgive us for having remembered doctors more than being thankful in my heart for You." Your child will improve from now, by Allah's Grace.

I have a daughter age 11 who was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 one year ago. She was on insulin for a month but we stopped after understanding the danger of allopathy and insulin from a thodu varmam healer. We regularly go for treatment with Thodu Varmam Healer. For almost a year now my daughter doesn't have the symptoms that she had earlier such as thirsty and urine regularly but she is very thin. I need some advise on what i should do to improve. --By Selvaraj


God is giving your child her life back to her; do not attribute the relief now you see in your daughter, to any human-invented treatment. Be thankful to God for the blessing now you see, and keep this as a Sign from the All-Mighty. Your daughter is improving; her energy level is improving; her life energy is building up. At this moment all you have to do is remember God more for your patience and peace at heart.
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