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Dear Dr, God Shown me the foolproofcure on my health and wealth after visiting you... After this deep blessings of God; I want to surrender myself with the God, whatever the God gives let me accept as it is and be true to the sign of love with all...I'm not sure its right to ask here how to surrender with God without any reasoning? Regards, Rajkumar.L --By Rajkumar


The more you give for your good cause i.e., spending in the righteousness brings you fortunes in health and wealth. This is for those who thinks my fees is very high. The more you spend for your own right path towards cure from disease and poverty, it is spending in the path of God. God is ever watchful of what you do and for whose sake you spend.

Dear Doctor, I urinate for almost once in about 2 or 3 hours every day. Even at nights while sleeping I automatically wake up once/twice for urinating. Why does this happen to me? Does this happen as my sugar level is high? If sugar level is hight, would it affect the organs of my body? Are my kidneys and Liver okay? Do I have to go for any diagnosis? I am 46 years old. I weigh 53.5 kg. Have lost around 3 kgs for the last three years. Could you please advise me. Thanks a ton. --By Mani


There is nothing wrong about your urine once or twice in the night. There is no disease called diabetes; forget all your knowledge doctors have taught the public as an advertisement to drive the public to the allopathic practitioners. The allopathy does not know treatment for diabetes and cannot cure any disease they diagnose. To know more about health and prayer visit clinic. 

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Dear Doctor, Thanks for your response and medical advice. But doctor, my right ear is really troubling me with hole and bad smell pus. I am a strong believer in God. But at the same time, I want my right ear hole to be shut. The hole has been since my childhood. As advised by you, I will avoid allopathy operation. Can I atleast go for Siddha treatment with Dr Samigiri Sithar Ear Siddha Hospital in Coimbatore? Will it be effective? May I have your sincere and straight response please.--By Mani

I have nothing to say or advice for I do not believe in human knowledge in the entire world and the worlds to come, except the All Knowing, the Most Wise, The God. I am sincerely at a loss to direct you to any other way other than the Path of God.