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assalamu alikum! matha matra thirumanam patri doupt veru madha pennai thirumanam seithu kollalama --By M.MOHAMMAD RUBAIJI


Salam, There is no religion in the first place; so there is no question of whether you can marry a girl or boy from other religion; the very fact some one belongs to some religion, they do not belong to us.

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Sura 6:121 says 'Do not eat from the on which Allah's Name has not been mentioned; For sure, this is Sin and Disobedience. But the Satan's always inspire their friends and argue with you, if you were to obey them, you would truly be Pagans. Here How should I know whether Allah's Name is mentioned on the Food which I eat daily and what is that Allah's Name which is written on Food?. --By RAGHUNANDANA.R


When you eat your food you shall remember it is from God and none from God and only from God and none other than from God, then you have pronounced Allah's Name upon the food you are about to eat; here Allah's Name is "O The Provider; there is no provider but You."  .
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Sir,I need your guidance to take important decisions in my life.whether I can meet you in your clinic or during your meetings.Kindly give your views. --By Vijayalakshmi

You can meet me in my clinic only.