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Sir, Iam now (since a month) in a situation where I know that I need to remember Allah all the time and every now and then I hear a voice in me, telling me to remember Allah but at that time I get a thought as to what do is ask or say to Allah... and from here I get into vain and pointless thoughts which takes me away from Allah's remembrance. Sir please advice me on how to get rid of this situation. And also my friend told me that you have an audio on how to do righteous deeds but it is in Tamil and it is hard for me to understand as my first language is not Tamil but Urdu, can u please explain it to me??? --By Aaliya


First you shall know who Allah is: 
Allah means the God of all the Good Qualities in your heart that encompass heavens down to earth. 

Such are the divine qualities in a man or the Godliness in us; and this is the reason why man is placed high above all the creations in the heavens and in the earth and why they all are subjected to us. For example Allah's Names are: The Forgiving, The Merciful, The Compassionate, The Truthful, The Creator, The Nourisher, The Sustainer, The Reasoning and So on... endless are His Names. We are to spend our lives in such godliness all our lifetime. Remember each of the Good or Godly qualities in your heart of hearts and ponder upon how the good or godly qualities help you live in this world and evil qualities against Godliness makes your life miserable. So revering the Names of Allah or the godliness or the good qualities in your hearts makes your presence with God Himself. When this is your life from morning to evening where is the question of shaitan giving you pointless thoughts?

Dear Doctor I would like to know whether the death date for a person is fixed during the birth for all human beings. --By Siva


We are living in the earth upon the judgement delivered on us as per our activities - good for good and evil for evil; even now we have in our minds good and bad for which we await God's judgement on us so that we live them through in our life here; so the time of our death is constantly changed moment by moment until the justice is done for us in this world; if only good remains with us any time our death day is due; on the other hand if only evil mind remains with us, our time is extended for a little more so that we may find time to correct ourselves - this is God's Mercy to give a long rope of hope for better life here and in Hereafter. So the timing is with God and our death is decided in a flash of a moment, anytime. 
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Sura 58:8 says 'And when they come to you, they greet and salute you, Not as Allah salutes you'. Here When Allah has Not praised Man, then why Allah salutes Man or Allah gives Honor to Man?. --By RAGHUNANDANA.R

"Salute" here means Allah acknowledges one's attitude that is in conformity to His Attributes.