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Sura 13:11 says 'Allah will not change condition of person until he changes his inner self or what is in himself'. So How to change myself, Is it by remembering Allahu by Attributes or is there any specific prayer for this?. --By RAGHUNANDANA.R


Allah has always placed a person's mind in a comfortably balanced status; it is we who disturb it unmindful of that which Allah has bestowed upon us. For e.g you may go to bed with a lot of anxiety because of your evil mind; but then during the sleep Allah cleanses your heart of evil, forgiving your daylong sins and wakes you up all afresh in the early morning - but within a second you change it thinking about the worry and bringing back the anxiety with which you went to the bed the night before.

Sura 13:11  'Allah does not change condition of person until he changes what is in himself'.

dear sir, i am suffering from gynecosmotia(man boobs)for 7 there is any chance to cure it by iravzhi maruthuvam.allopathy dr are telling to do surgery.i'm so upset and confuced.please help me --By ezhilarasan


Do not go in for surgery for your gynaecomastia lest you should get into hormonal disturbance resulting in High blood pressure, thyroid and further disturbance to your male hormones. Forget worrying about it for now and lead a normal life.
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Respected Dr, I am learning a lot from your books, audios, videos, myth truth and meetings. I started curing using Puthiya Accupuncture. But Insha Allah, I want to do Iraivazhi Marutthuvam as my profession and left from my IT field job(given money for my family survival). Please advise me whether my decision is correct or not as others are not encouraging. Please pray for me to stick with a right decision. Thanks. --By Kartik Sachithanantham

Hold on to your IT, and as long as is necessary until such time you gain confidence by Allah and develop full faith in Him, to kick it out. Allah will keep forgiving you until then; seek from Him the Patience and more and more of Forgiveness from the Almighty, Most Merciful.