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Dear Dr, I am learning Accupunture and I have one doubt now. In the Accupunture class, I was told that, Germs are produced in the body to consume the waste present in our bodyand once the wastes are consumed the germs will die and disappear. By Allopathy medicine , now it is claimed that Polio is wipedout of India due to Vaccination and there no case of Polio in recent years. It is fact that due to polio thare was lot of handicap cases before and now there is no case. Could you please clear my doubt on why we shouldn't say that the polio is prevented by Vaccination? Thanks! in advance. Regards, Ashok --By Ashok Kumar R


If polio virus is eliminated by the antibodies they had created in the body system is true, then we need answers to the following:

1. Why they have not been able to cure ordinary flu virus
2. Why they did not cure Hiv, Hepatitis B, bird flu, swine flu
3. Why they could not eradicate tuberculosis, typhoid etc.
4. On the basis of inoculations almost all diseases should have been eliminated by this time; but every diseases is existing with the same virulence and with a prevalence fitting to its epidemic proportions.

The important thing we shall know now is about a human body is it is capable of fighting out and eliminate every pathological force, whether it is visible, or invisible, or micro visible during the course of coexistence. The allopathic system is robbing off a natural process of healing to its own credit. This medical system has nothing to claim for the natural extinction of small pox or polio.

If they do not answer these then their claim of eradication is a prematurely false claim to what otherwise is a natural coincidence that each living thing or animal has a certain life span or period of existence after which the species have to become extinct. For example, there were many many species that were extinct millions of years before, e.g., dinasaurs. And there are so many species of living animals facing natural extinction e.g., panda bears. 

Respected sir, I read one of your replies where you had mentioned to avoid pervertions at least after marriage and the child might be a mundane following other children and not having any originality. I was also addicted to these pervertions and with god's grace, I am getting relieved from it through various godly influences. Unfortunaltely this did not happen before my wife conceived. My child is 3.5 yrs old and I see her as an evidence to your statement. Is there anyway to get clean her off my sins (pervertions)? --By Sabari


Nothing to worry. God has power over all things; seek purity to your heart from God; God is Most Forgiving; Most Merciful.

39.53 Even if you had perversely caused grievous penalty upon yourself, do not lost heart upon the Mercy of Allah; Allah forgives all your sins. Allah is Most Merciful, Most Kind.

Your child will not be affected at all as long as you believe in the above verse: Most Merciful, Most Forgiving, Most Kind. 
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Respected Doctor, After realizing that everything is done by the grace of God, thoughts subside automatically. And to pray God also, thoughts are not coming naturally. At that time I feel very peaceful. Can it be called 'Prayer'? I request your God given wisdom to clarify on this. --By RadhaKrishnan R

Yes. It is prayer. 'Peace' is the answer from God to one's heartfelt Wisdom.