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Dear Dr. How to clean the fertilized vegetables and fruits? --By Raja


There is no way we can clean it; be prayerful that no evil shall touch you or your family ever.

Dear doctor, My Daughter who is23years old having hormonal imbalance and she is having a hirustism . She went through homeopathy medication . But still there is no improve ment. As a Mother I always pray god that it should get cured very fast . I would like to get advice from you regarding acupuncture will help her condition . Please doctor you guide me in this issue --By Nirmala Babu


It is Him, the God, who is speaking to you in your mind that you shall be relieved of your worry. He says, "I am with you, provided you are patient."

Hormone imbalances arise due to the mental imbalance, and it has no connection to any physical or physiological reasons that allopathy would say, and it is not to be cured any physical treatment or any system of medicines. Let your daughter's mind stay calm, listening to the Word of command from her God, the Almighty saying, "Do not worry; I know you have received My Word of Power that you shall be cured of your problem; turn to Me and do not associate doctors as partners to Me; then I am there with you; be Prayerful." 

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Sir, My mom took medicine for diabetes(13 years) ,stroke(1 year),itching(3 months) and cholestrol( 1 month).Then she followed healer baskar's anatomic therapy( 60 percent) and reduced her medicines in 3 months.Then she got accutouch treatment from Mr. Magi Ramlingam at coimbatore and suddenly stopped all the medicines.Itching has been reduced to 75 percent. Even after 6 months accutouch treatment now she gets very urgent urination at mid night with itching in vagina and she also lost 11 kgs of weight (64 kg reduced to 53 kg). Sometimes she checks sugar level and it was above 500. can cholestrol be checked or not?Please suggest. --By Kalpana Santhosh

The whole medical system is a lie to the root; for example, after 30 years now the medical system has accepted that the cholesterol doctrine of the medicine had been a hoax, well orchestrated by the drug mafia-fraudulent medical system nexus. So from now on never entertain any single word of the allopathy doctors concerning your health. Stop all the medicines and forget about the whole drug systems of cure.