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in how many maximum days (maximum )diabetes is cured with the occupuncture treatment --By MBA Rao


I do not teach acupuncture or practice it for twenty years now.

I underwent operation for varicose vein and met with an injury resuting in varicose ulcer and lump on my thigh,i have been taking Homepathic medicne for 20 years and find findinng steady&slow progress to quicken the process you may suggest yr views --By M.RAVICHANDRAN


While God is creating a new life and growth of the lost cells after the injuries caused by the doctors, when they surgically meddled with your veins; and then, as God is progressively curing you even after the second hurt, over two decades, you attribute the wellness by His Grace to the Homeopathy. This association of medical system to God's healing is unpardonable.Seek forgiveness in repentance to your association and ask for patience from Him. You may have a faster recovery.
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