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Dear sir, I am a hepatitis B + person, & once i was diagnoised for Jaundice where my Billirubin went upto 20, i am eating Entecavir drug Zydus cadilla as prescribed by doctors daily for the past one year. Everything was fine, now for the past 3 months my Billurubin was 1.7 & direct was .5, can we treat it as jaundice or what i should do. --By Sathishkumar.d


When you say everything is fine, why would you bother about the chemical analysis of the laboratories and why did you go to the doctors? Your feel you are being well is the best of all reports; this is God given feel and the most truthful and trust worthy report is this and nothing else; stay away from the doctors and their prescriptions; and be grateful to God.

sir i want helt time book how i pay outha amount thanking you karthickeyan. e 9841979392 --By karthickeyan


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Allah is a Common Noun.Allah is Not Proper Noun. So Allah is not the name of God. The other name of God is Almighty. Say 'Allahu' instead of Allah. Here Al means 'The', Lah means 'No', Hu means 'But'. So here Hu is Allah's Attribute. Hu is perfect Attribute of Allah free from all Associations. Now I am saying this Allah's attribute 'Hu'. Whether my understanding is correct?. --By RAGHUNANDANA.R

In Arabic 'Hu' means He; The None (but) He - is the absolute meaning of Al-la-hu.