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Crispy foods are dangerous
       Avoid crispy foods
Dangerous future
Tongue and Mouth cancer

The heat of the crispy foods not only benumbs the stomach but also the food pipe, the mouth and the tongue as the heat raises upwards causing belching and berping. The result is the salivary glands lose their functional capacity causing defective salivation and mastication of food. You develop loose teeth, gum bleeding, sore throat, mouth, and ulceration in the tongue. The white coating spreads on the tongue. These are the very early signs of future diabetes. Do not clean the tongue with the tongue cleaner; it is very wrong; you will injure the taste buds on the tongue surface and will further affect the salivation and digestion. This habit might later cause tongue cancer or mouth cancer. When you see the sore mouth and tongue and ulcerations and bleeding gums and more importantly when the white coating spreads on the tongue it is a deadly sign of the most dangerous situation in the near future. Your teeth decay for the same reason very soon. Yet the remedy is very near if you can avoid today the crispy foods to avoid the chronic and terrible diseases of the future. Never seek allopathy for it knows nothing except pulling the teeth out and cutting away the organ affected.

Now what happens when the heat from the crispy foods make their way downwards into the intestines? How does it affect the pancreas is the next. Await more answers and enlightenment to come.

To be continued …
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Dear Doctor Sir, Please explain the following lines of SURAT 73:20 He has known that you [Muslims] will not be able to do it and has turned to you in forgiveness, so recite what is easy [for you] of the Qur'an. P.Sivasamy.Coimbatore. --By P.Sivasamy`

The line in this verse goes like this: 73.20   
Allah measures the night and the day. He knows that ye count it not, and turns unto you in mercy.

Any verse in Quran does not refer to 'Muslims' but to mankind; Allah has created Night and Day for the mankind to enlighten and reassure them by the Night; and enliven and prosper by the Day. The Night is created for us to rest therein and to seek forgiveness for all that we had done during the Day against our conscience, The Book. We are accountable for what we had committed during our Day time and it is time to seek from His Mercy. The Night proceeds with the purification of our conscience, The Book, until the Night has cleansed us of our addiction to evil. So for each and every one of us there is a period of awakening in our conscience before the sleep overtakes us. Early to bed as the Night falls thus gives mankind chance for this retreat in order that they are pruned and primed by the Nights. You cannot fall asleep without this retreat for a wonderful short sleep. Your night is over when Allah says: 'wakeup, enough of it!' When you are awakened thus the time may be deep into the Night or early hours; never go back to sleep without remembering Allah dutifully and with gratitude; if you are sure it is Allah who gives you sleep, then it is He who wakes you up. If we honour Allah then it is that we wake up and bring to our memory and praise His Glory for all the good He has bestowed upon us during the Day and during the Night. 

In this way Allah says some of you stand steadfast in My remembrance during the times of wakefulness, in gratitude - Night or Day, except for the naps now and then as per My allowance to you. Therefore you are not the ones who calculate the Night and the Day. And until this day Allah had forgiven you for this and has turned to you in Mercy.